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2017-2018 Admissions Resources


  1. Admission Guide for California First-Year Students
  2. Admission Guide for U.S. First-Year Students (Outside California)
  3. Admission Guide for International First-Year Students
  4. Admission Guide for Transfer Students

Why become an ambassador?

Engaging new generations of university-bound high school and community college students is a vital function within the Office of Admissions. This crucial role has the capacity to greatly influence a student’s choice of college, and in many cases, is their first point of contact with a university.

Our passionate, dedicated ambassadors not only help students make informed decisions about their university choices, they also plant seeds of inspiration through their shared stories and professional achievements.

In short—ambassadors have the capacity to help shape the lives of the students they engage with.

Why we need ambassadors

With the amount of college fairs and information nights during the calendar year, a network of reliable and engaging ambassadors is key to our outreach strategy success.

In particular, our ambassadors help with:

  • Outreach at college fairs in their region
  • Tabling at information nights with prospective students
  • Attending events for admitted students with our Regional Representatives
  • Answering questions for future UC students in their region
  • Speaking to student groups about their college experience.

The right stuff

We are looking for ambassadors with the following qualities:

  • A friendly and engaging demeanor 
  • Patience to answer multiple questions on a variety of college-related topics
  • Willingness to share stories where appropriate about personal UCSC experiences
  • Passion for conveying the benefits of a UC education.

Our ambassadors should also possess:

  • Personal transportation to attend events
  • The ability to carry individual boxes no heavier than 20 pounds
  • Availability to attend at least three events in their region per year.

Additionally, our ambassadors are expected to complete online training modules following their acceptance into the program and complete assessment forms of the specific events they attend.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about the Admissions Outreach Ambassador Program, contact Mark Welden-Smith at 831-459-5544 or by e-mail at

You can also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions guide for further assistance.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Go Banana Slugs!