Hinrich Boeger, Professor of MCD Biology.


UC Santa Cruz students have been accepted at the 10 California medical schools, as well as at all the major medical schools in the country, including Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins. Of our accepted students, 65% have majored in the sciences (human biology, MCD biology, etc.) Thus, Physical and Biological Science majors are efficient pathways to medical school. However, 35% of our students who were accepted into medical school majored in other disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, etc., given that these majors offer a variety of interesting courses appropriate for students interested in medical school. Thus no specific major is required by medical schools as long as you complete the core general requirements. It is a widespread misconception that medical schools prefer science majors. UCSC students are disproving that myth.

UC Santa Cruz undergraduates planning to apply to medical school should exercise the grade option in all of their courses. A competitive GPA (3.6 or better), strong MCAT* scores (top 30 percentile or better), and substantial health-related experience are competitive for entry into medical school.

Given the success that our alumni have had, UCSC is a great place to prepare for medical school.

Degrees Offered

  • Pre-professional program; no undergraduate degree available

Study and Research Opportunities

UCSC has many research opportunities and is ranked among the top undergraduate research institutions. However, not all students will have an opportunity to secure a research position. Please refer to the Undergraduate Research website for more information and tips on how to proceed:

Information for First-Year Students (Freshmen)

High school students should complete the courses required for UC admission, and those who plan to attend UC Santa Cruz and pursue a career in medicine should also have a strong science and math background, including chemistry, biology, physics, algebra (two years), geometry, and trigonometry. It is recommended that you try and explore a career in medicine by volunteering in a health care setting as early as high school. Medical schools may not accept AP credits toward the medical school admissions requirements. It is highly recommended that they see the pre-health adviser within the first quarter at UCSC.

Information for Transfers

Transfer students who plan to attend UC Santa Cruz should try to complete courses that satisfy campus general education requirements as well as any prerequisites for their major before coming to UC Santa Cruz. It is highly recommended that they see the pre-health adviser within the first quarter at UCSC.

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More Information

For more information contact the Career Center at (831) 459-4420. The Career Center is located on the third floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore building. Visit the pre-health web site at