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Spring 2009


Welcome to eSlug and Our Counselor Web Site

Welcome to our new counselor newsletter, eSlug!

At UCSC's Office of Admissions, we consider ourselves your partners in guiding your students to a rewarding university education. To further develop this partnership, we have inaugurated eSlug, our quarterly electronic newsletter for counselors.

Why eSlug? As you may already know, the banana slug is UC Santa Cruz's beloved mascot, recently voted as one of the top 10 college mascots by ESPN.

Sure, the banana slug gets a lot of attention because it is fun and different. But at UCSC, the significance of our mascot goes deeper than that. It symbolizes the UCSC values of creative thinking and diversity.

It is this spirit of innovation that has led to our recent top rankings in molecular biology and genetics, space sciences, music, environmental health engineering, and conservation biology, to name a few. We are proud of our slug spirit!

In addition to eSlug, please make use of our new web site for counselors. The site features separate FAQs for high school and community college counselors, detailed admissions reports, and news about upcoming events. (By the way, UCSC is hosting a UC Counselor Conference on Saturday, September 12, and we hope to see you there!)

Thank you for your interest in our campus. We look forward to working with you to bring your students the wonderful rewards of a UC Santa Cruz education!


Michelle Whittingham
Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
Acting Director of Admissions

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Congratulations, Admitted Students for Fall 2009!

Our admitted students have reason to celebrate! In addition to being a diverse, academically talented group, they have also passed UCSC's selection process, which has become increasingly competitive for both first-year students and transfers. Any student who has been admitted to UCSC this year should be proud of this achievement.

At the freshman level, our admit rate has decreased significantly over the last two years, dropping from 81% to 73% last year, and from 73% to 63% for fall 2009. At the transfer level, students who have not met UC-eligibility requirements and our campus selection criteria are denied admission. Despite those denials, UCSC still has an admission rate of approximately 70% for junior-level transfers.

Along with the celebration of admission comes the increased responsibility that is part of becoming a university student. During this transition time, students should keep in mind the following:

- Accept their offer of admission on by May 1 (frosh) or June 1 (transfers).
- Keep contact information current. Students can update their contact information on
- Keep a list of deadlines.
- Visit UCSC during Spring Spotlight 2009.
- Attend Summer Orientation.
- Read Conditions of Admission carefully, and maintain their academic performance.


Campus visits are a significant factor that help many students make their final college or university choice. Please encourage your students to visit the campus in person, or if that is impractical, to visit on the web:

Spring Spotlight Reservations (after March 15)
Campus Tour Reservations
Transfer Workshop Reservations
Admissions Web Site
UCSC Web Site
UCSC Video

Students with questions are encouraged to contact their regional admissions representative, as shown on They may also e-mail or call (831) 459-2131.

Again, congratulations to this wonderful group of students!

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UCSC Fall 2009 Frosh Admission Statistics (as of 3/12/09)*
(all figures represent the mean)

Frosh Applicants - 27,247
Frosh Admits - 17,249

ACT Comprehensive - 26
ACT-Reading - 27
ACT-Mathematics - 26
ACT-English with Writing - 25
SAT Reasoning-Critical Reading - 591
SAT Reasoning-Math - 596
SAT Reasoning-Writing - 609
SAT Total - 1797
High School GPA- 3.76

*Transfer student statistics will be available after the transfer notification period, which is from March 15 to April 30.

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What Should I Tell Students Who Have Not Been Admitted?
There are many options available for students who are not admitted for this fall.

Our information includes an overview of the selection process, frequently asked questions, options for applicants not offered admission, and appeal information.

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Conditions of Admission
Please remind your admitted students that their admission is provisional according to their Conditions of Admission, which can be found on the web site. Unfortunately, each year we must cancel the admission of many students who have not fulfilled their Conditions of Admission, for example, they received grades lower than a C in an a-g course, or they did not complete the required course pattern.

To help you advise your students, here are PDFs of two of the most common Conditions of Admission statements, one for frosh and the other for transfer students. Please remember that in addition to the conditions below, your students may see other items in their lists that are specific to them.


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Spring Spotlight 2009 for Admitted Students: April 3-18

This can be a confusing time for students who have been admitted to multiple colleges and universities. They may be thinking, "Where will I fit in?" "How can I compare the campuses?" "What choices make financial sense for my family and me?"

To help our admitted students learn if UC Santa Cruz is the right fit for them, we offer Spring Spotlight, which will be held this year during April 3-18. For newly admitted students only, Spring Spotlight includes daily student-led walking tours, providing an overview of the academic, residential, and student-life experience at UCSC. Students and their families will be able to see the residential colleges (including viewing dorm rooms and apartment rooms), attend presentations, and visit classrooms.

To focus on transfer-specific needs, we have scheduled sessions for transfer students only on April 9 and 16 at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Since Spring Spotlight is for admitted students only, access to the reservation site is limited. Students must make reservations online after March 15 using their UCSC ID number. The direct link to the Spring Spotlight site is

We are aware that April 3-18 coincides with many schools' spring breaks, so we will be giving limited tours during this time period at 4 p.m. weekdays for juniors in high school and other students who have not yet been admitted.

Please help us inform your admitted students about Spring Spotlight, if they can get to Santa Cruz in April. And remind them to wear comfortable walking shoes and to dress in layers for our changeable coastal climate!

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News Briefs


UC Ensures Aid to Cover Fees for Lower-Income Students

The Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan was adopted by the UC Board of Regents at their February 5 meeting. Under the plan, undergraduate students who are in their first four years of attendance at UC -- or two for transfer students -- will receive enough scholarship and grant assistance to at minimum fully cover their systemwide UC fees if they have incomes below the median for California households ($60,000). To qualify students must be California residents and meet other basic eligibility requirements for need-based financial aid, including meeting the March 2 FAFSA deadline and the UC Santa Cruz June 15 deadline for submitting supporting documents we request.

In addition to having systemwide fees fully covered, eligible students with sufficient financial need will receive additional financial support to help with other educational expenses such as books, housing, food, and transportation costs. UCSC has a robust financial aid and scholarship program -- we expect to distribute more than $140 million in financial aid to students this year.

While financial aid has always been available to lower-income UC students, the university hopes the new program will make financial assistance opportunities clearer and more understandable to families.

UC Press Release
UCSC Financial Aid Web Site

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Frosh Admissions Requirements to Change for 2012
The UC Board of Regents has approved changes in the admissions requirements that will affect frosh entering the UC system in 2012 or beyond.

The new policy requires the same number of "a-g" courses and the same GPA as current policy. The key differences are:

  • Two SAT Subject Tests will no longer be required for admission. However, students could still choose to submit their scores for consideration as part of their application, just as they do now with AP scores. The Subject Tests also could be recommended for certain majors.
  • All applicants will need to complete 11 of the 15 "a-g" courses by the end of their junior year. Currently, this is required only of students who are designated eligible by ranking in the top 4 percent of their high school class.

All California high school seniors who complete the requirements will be invited to apply and will be entitled to a comprehensive review of their applications at each UC campus to which they apply.

Within this "entitled to review" pool, two categories of applicants would be guaranteed admission somewhere within the UC system:

  • those who fall in the top 9 percent of all high school graduates statewide, and
  • those who rank in the top 9 percent of their own high school graduating class.

Together, these students would make up about 10 percent of the state's high school graduates. The remaining admissions needed to make up the full 12.5 percent pool of top students would be drawn from the broader "entitled to review" pool.

UC Press Release
Current UCSC Frosh Admissions Requirements

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Workshops for Transfer Students
UCSC Admissions is pleased to offer workshops on campus for prospective junior transfer students and their families. This is a chance for students to sit down with a small group and have their junior transfer-related questions answered by an Admissions adviser. Please note that pre-evaluations of transcripts are not available as part of the workshop.

Transfer workshops are on selected Friday afternoons. Upcoming dates are March 20, April 24, May 1, and May 15.

Students should sign up online at

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Undergraduate Danielle Soto Elected to Pomona City Council

Senior environmental studies major Danielle Soto was elected to the Pomona City Council just a few weeks before graduating. Pomona is the fifth-largest city in Los Angeles County, with a population of 150,000. Danielle, who comes from a family of California politicians and public servants, intends to work on issues including crime, jobs, and the environment.

More about Danielle

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UCSC Ranked Second in Nation for Peace Corps Participation
UCSC has been ranked second among mid-sized institutions for its number of alumni in the Peace Corps in 2009, moving up four spots since last year on the organization's top-25 list of medium-sized schools producing volunteers.

UCSC currently has 52 alumni serving as Peace Corps Volunteers around the world.

UCSC Press Release
Peace Corps Press Release

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Have a Question? Contact Your Local Regional Representative!
Our nine Admissions Regional Representatives, who are located throughout California, are a resource for counselors as well as students in their region. These Admissions professionals are extremely knowledgeable about the UCSC campus, and about the students and schools in their regions.

The list in the link below includes our representatives listed by region and by county. If you are from outside of California, please contact the Office of Admissions at, (831) 459-4008.



Thanks for reading! The next eSlug will arrive in your in-box in early summer.

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