Appeal of Admission Cancellation or Notice of Intent to Cancel

Admission cancellation or a Notice of Intent to Cancel occurs when students fail to meet the requirements of the Conditions of Admission Contract. In most cases, this falls in one of three categories: (1) missed deadline (e.g., official records are not received by a required date, did not complete Statement of Intent to Register by the deadline); (2) academic performance shortfall (e.g., an unapproved change in planned academic course occurs or performance within the approved course schedule is below expectations); and (3) falsification of applicant information. 

Appeals of admission cancellation related to the system-wide University of California verification process must be delivered to the University of California Office of the President according to their policies.

Appeals of Cancellation or Intent to Cancel will only be accepted if submitted through this website. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure only one, complete appeal is submitted for consideration. The CARC may deny an appeal due to lack of completeness or if submitted after the deadline.

Appeal Deadline: Fourteen calendar days from the date of the admissions cancellation notice or 7 days from the date the Notice of Intent to Cancel is sent to the individual's personal and UCSC email currently on file.

Appeal Response: A decision will normally be communicated within 14 to 28 calendar days by email and mail. In rare circumstances when additional information is required, resolution of the appeal review may take longer, and the Office of Admissions will inform the student of this within 28 calendar days of the receipt of the appeal.

Missed Deadline Appeal Content: The student must include a letter of appeal, and ensure that all missing official record(s) (e.g., official transcripts and test scores) are received by the Office of Admissions by the appeal deadline. The appeal, official records, and relevant documentation supporting the effort to submit records prior to the missed deadline, must be received by the appeal deadline. 

Academic Performance Shortfall Appeal Content: The student must include a letter of appeal. Any documentation relevant to the particular circumstances of the academic shortfall, if it exists, must be submitted along with the appeal.  

Falsification Appeal Content: The student must include a letter of appeal including relevant information as to why the cancellation is inappropriate. Any supporting documentation that has direct bearing on the case must be included. 

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