Undergraduate Admissions occasionally receives appeals that do not fit in the categories described on the website, such as a missed deadline to accept a waitlist invitation or to submit a late application for admission.

Appeal Transmittal: A miscellaneous appeal must be submitted using this website. An appeal submitted by a person other than the applicant will not be considered.

Appeal Content: Provide a detailed explanation for the request and why your appeal should be considered.  Include all pertinent information to ensure a comprehensive review can be provided. 

Appeal Response: The decision regarding a student’s miscellaneous appeal will normally be completed within six weeks and communicated via email. In rare circumstances when additional information is required, resolution of the appeal review may take longer, and Undergraduate Admissions will inform the student of this within six weeks of the receipt of the appeal.  If additional information is requested and not provided in a timely manner, the appeal will not be reviewed.